Survival Gamemode please make!!!

Can someone please make me a survival gamemode with these features:
counter that counts how long each player survived
disable respawning for players
once all players are killed the round is over
leaderboard that shows the winner of each round
players only spawn with physgun and gravity gun

thank you in advance =)

And people die how? You say nothing about gameplay in your post, AND from the way you say it (I could be wrong about this) you want to take credit. In otherwords you are saying “come work for me !!!1!1!!1 You do the work, I’ll think of more work!!!”

Sorry if I sound rude, but there are too many people who think someone is just going to do stuff for them.

And again, you are WAY too unspecific.

im not taking any credit for this, the plan for the gamemode is dependent on the maps, some plans for maps ill be making for the gamemode would be sniper survival-were you and the other players are on the ground and theres a sniper npc in a tower and the last survivor wins, and a zombie survival-the name explains it well. A flood survival- water is rising and you must run away from it. and a maze survival-run around the maze and try to make it to the end but wrong ways lead to death.

all credit will go to the person who makes the gamemode for me and i’ll give you admin on my gmod server that will be running it if you want.

Ok. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t taking credit. Some people do that so… Also, you may want to re-format your ideas and put it in your first post.

Anyway, I dunno if anyone is gunna take up the job, but good luck!

yea sorry bout the misunderstanding i wrote that in a hurry cuz i’m hoping to get the gamemode and some maps done soon