Survival games out there

Hey guys. Just to gather opinions. There are a lot of zombie/survival games out there. Like Rust, Forest, DayZ, 7Days to die and H1Z1. Perhaps more you saw ( you are welcome to add new names). What do you think of them?

Some thoughts:

  • great graphics
  • great AI
  • survival is a strong keyword
  • regular updates
  • bugs, bug, bugs
  • gameplay for 3hrs.


  • good game engine
  • Bad AI
  • loot does not respawn
  • zombies run through the walls, on both versions (imo should be fixed for now)
  • game gets boring quite soon. It is not so much survival as running simulator
  • good first impression, lack of new content
  • price

7 Days to die

  • game engine- ugliest out there
  • bad AI
  • crafting
  • multiplayer
  • playable
  • local server
  • new content
  • price


  • good game engine
  • great loot ideas
  • great AI ( on demo wolf attacks deer, mutants attack wolf etc)
  • solution veteran players vs noobs, more noise and bigger buildings attract zombies
  • going to be free
  • is not released yet, cannot have opinion of gameplay


  • great idea
  • started with good community
    +/- community brings new content, no native community support
  • good first impression, lack of new content
  • AI
  • hackers and veterans rule the map
  • no noob/veteran balance
  • rust reboot fuzzy and unknown release date
  • too expensive for its value for now

The Stomping Land

  • Good game engine
  • Great idea!
  • Great first impression
  • Quite good for alpha
  • gets boring very fast
  • no noob/veteran balance
  • quite expensive for alpha

Verdict, IMO, the winner is H1Z1. But as not released, might be just next hype.

The Forest is excellent. Big patch on Monday!

The Stomping Land

  • Good game engine
  • Great idea!
  • Great first impression
  • Quite good for alpha
  • gets boring very fast
  • no noob/veteran balance
  • quite expensive for alpha

Verdict, IMO, the winner is H1Z1. But as not released, might be just next hype.

1 Big key is left out of stomping lands… nothing is saved! you lose all progress as soon as you log off.
Rust is being worked on, just in the experimental branch

Rust is my favorite of those mentioned (i’ve only played stomping land, forest, and rust) in my opinion it has a great deal of potential (blah blah heard that 10 thousand times on the forums), based on the trello’s it will have a lot of pve action to add new bases to the game as well as new weapons like throwing spears (at long last). the last thing im really hoping for is a neat storyline or something like that to give it some backround. Rust it is incredibly fun, and i am hyped for this experimental branch becoming the main branch! :dance:

What’s with “Don’t starve”?

Any opinion?

I totally agree! Thats huge minus! Same thing when Forest came out ( my total on forest is 3hrs:p).

I’ve never played it but it seems to be a pretty cool game.

As a random point of reference, I consider The Forest to be a first person Lord of the Flies hardcore version of Don’t Starve.

Seriously though, it’s a great game, highly recommend it. Multiplayer out later this summer.

How can you compare The Forest to the others? It’s singeplayer only at the moment.
And how can you say H1Z1 is the winner if you haven’t even played it? It isn’t released, so maybe the AI isn’t as fantastic as you claim. Ever heard about Daikatana?
I haven’t played Rust a lot, maybe 180 hours or so. But that game is pure fun. Show me another game where a ‘beggar’ can shoot a fully armed guy with a shotgun while he’s giving you some food.
I can’t even think how awesome the experimental branch will be.

And dinosaurs? C’mon man that’s just silly.

I’ll do it in the same form as the OP:

+Good game engine (for what it is, very reliable and optimized, cool art style)
+Constant challenge, keeps you locked in
+current version is very very stable (already passed beta stage I believe) I’ve never crashed/had any noticeable bugs, there are some out there, nothing major AFAIK
-Can get stressful, as danger is everwhere
-Permadeath is unforgiving, but that’s permadeath
-boss fights mainly consist of kiting, which seems kinda bland, but maybe that’s just me.

Honestly I think it’s silly to compare all of these games right now since almost all of them are still in very early development and will all change a lot as time goes on.

If H1Z1 is gonna be f2p, won’t it be hackers paradise?

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Day Z doesnt have a anything near a good engine

Thank you, sounds nice!


dustinest do you even own all of the games you are talking about ? (except the unreleased one ofc)
From the “+” and “-” that you gave them it doesn’t seem so and don’t take it as an insult please.

The forest - Single player game , shouldn’t even be in the list
+great updates ? you’ve seen only 2 hotfixes , rust had weekly updates but they were barely noticeable for example.


  • good game engine :D?
    -loot respawns actually but after a long time so people prefer server hopping instead of that
    -AI runs through walls just like they do in The Forest (they run through the rocks and sometimes even trees)
    -“game gets boring quite soon. It is not so much survival as running simulator” well here I must admit that’s actually what survival kinda is , you don’t find cans of food , cars , weapons and everything in one building and then you start pvp-ing instantly , this is the “most survival” game of them all on this list

7 Days to Die
Seems to be a game with potential but I prefer to wait more until buying it so I can’t really judge

Unreleased - many games show their best parts on trailers or short gameplay videos and they suck in rest so let’s wait and see

My favorite of them all but yeah it has its flaws it can’t be perfect after all, it’s in alpha let’s not forget that and an alpha with such a huge player base is expected to have issues
-community : Any game that has a big community will have many trolls and w/e you don’t like .
-A great deal of content will come in the next patch , they needed to do this rather than add piece by piece . Main reason (read the first line from Rust)
-19e isn’t so much for an alpha game like Rust

The Stomping Land
Good game engine? : You keep mentioning “good/bad game engine” do you know what it actually is ?
Great idea? - has some fun parts but the idea isn’t that great and not at all unique , I mean dinosaurs and pygmys killing each other
Great first impression? - 1hour and it gets boring + the combat is horrible

i must say though, 7 days to die has gone a LONG way. i was a kickstarter, and the look of the game has improved 10fold since it came out. it used to look like minecraft with everything being blocky. not really the case now. but still not a pretty game.

personally i dont see H1Z1 being the “winner”, its F2P, meaning hackers paradise(only measures that can be taken are HWID, MAC address and IP address bans, all of which are changeable if your capable of running google and have the ability to type lol), F2P also gives a strong sense of P2W, something which SoE is great at doing it seems. Chances are the IG market will have ingame items such as food and medicine, and not just cosmetics like clothing and hats.they claim it wont be like that, but ive heard that many times before, and yet to see it followed through. and honestly, it looks less enjoyable from the streams than infestation does, which scares me. im aware shit can change, so only time will tell, but i just dont have high hopes for the game.

I think its way too early to tell what will be the “best” though, and even than, the only 2 games that can reeally be compared are H1Z1 and 7DTD because they are both zombie games. but 7DTD is more of a single player minecraft with zombies(it does have multiplayer, but its more for playing with friends, where H1Z1 is an open world multiplayer survival that will have like a 100 people playing at once. i dont think we can compare any of these games at the end of the day, as they are all kind of their own category.

Thank you for those opinions. Mostly I agree and I love the opinions brought out there. For others I have to ask, do you even read? I wrote minus for H1Z1 is it is not released or DayZ zombies walk through the door.

Do not get me wrong, I have been playing rust now for months and got a lot of hours in it. Even programmed a lot of mods on it and still playing. My winner would be rust, if they have delivered ANY value. Currently I see they are moving baby steps on development and on current speed the next playable release is not so soon as H1Z1 will be. This is coming from professional programmer with 20+ years experience on software engineering field. The critizism is toward perfectionism. If programmer wants to get perfect code released then it will be never released and he still finds a lot of issues to be solved.

For AI. On Forest AI reacts to eachother, same on H1Z1. On Rust bears and deers seems to be best friends! Do you guys remember State of Decay, it seems like H1Z1 will be similar to this with additions. but I agree it is not released.

Yes, Forest, State of Decay and others cannot be compared as they are not multiplayer games. And yes I own all those games except H1Z1.

Game engine. C’mon. DayZ has potentially good game engine. Same for H1Z1. Hackers wise. I havent seen hackers at Planetside. But I guess I do not play at those servers where hackers are as well.

New one out on Steam called:


  • Global inventory
  • Safe zones
  • Interesting monsters
  • Easy to get weaponry/cash
  • Tribe system/territory control
  • Standard terribad AI
  • Some guns way overpowered
  • Most other players suck
  • Limited crafting options

In summary, it’s a cool concept (similar to a game I’ve been working on myself), but being another Early Access title, it’s very incomplete in it’s current stage.

I, however, have had a lot of fun with it. I’ve put in maybe 20 hours so far (compared to the 100 hrs I’ve put in on Rust) but it’s still got some replay value.

Nether has a massive amount of potential, it’s just too bugged for me to enjoy it. I check in every few months, but I’ve yet to have a good time playing it sadly. Great to hear that some people are enjoying it though! :smiley: