Survival of the Fittest... *Interactive Comic*

Credits for this comic include: Myself for making the comic, Oskutin for making the maps Rp_Suo, and Rp_Sola_Night which were used for the comic, Valve for the models, and Microsoft for Ms_Paint.

This is the first 4 strips of a comic I am developing. Before going any further with it I wanted to see the public’s reaction to the introduction.

The interactive part will come after I take a nap because I have been up all night and am practically dead. I hope you all like it!

So without further disruption… Here is survival of the Fittest.


Edit Shit I just realized I fucked up on the strips. I wont let it happen again please accept my apologies and pardon our dust! I’m too tired to even think right now so goodnight all! Edit

Microsoft Ms_Paint? It is hopelessly outdated. Try Gimp which is free and insanely superior.

Posing seems fine, turn up anti aliasing and use Gimp as rasti said. I also suggest you don’t make it an interactive, we’re already flooded by interactive comics.


Umm, you need edit that abit better, try Paint.NET!

This is going to end bad.

Thanks! I’ll try that. I just woke up, I have to clean my room. Ill do the posing now and the editing later and I’ll try out Gimp. Thanks for the advice guys!

Edit I wont make it as interactive as most comics. If at all thanks for that tip also!


I’m getting photo-shop soon… I also made sure stupid mistakes like the ones in the first set were non existent. And I turned anti-alias up.

Here’s the next set for you! I hope you enjoy!

Edit I also have to give props to Omega322 for his great map Rp_Ragnarok_Bunker. It’s a great map and if you don’t have it I would recommend downloading it as it is great for comics and role play! Here’s a link! Edit

Ill make another strip in a few hours. I just cleaned my dump of a room…