Survival of the fittest


Just trying some spear poses, since I have never tried that before. Not that I can remember at least.

bump :c

I’d love to comment on it, sadly, there is no picture.

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proptip;, or

don’t use Filesmelt as it is, in fact, down about 93.7% of the time.

That explains why I got 0 comments in 11 hours. I’ll reupload once I get back home.

I can see it now, though. Looks pretty nice.

Just remember to get off the 'Smelt :v:

Re-Uploaded for you bro :slight_smile:

Awesome pic.

Thanks halflambada :smiley:

This is the first time I have used sharpen in gmod after I started with photoshop… It did a little bit of a difference. The details on her spear look alot more high-res then they did previously. And no, the hair fragmentation is not caused by the sharpen.