Survival PVP No sleepers 24/7 day Instacraft oxide (PM TP request History Door sharing List players Private messaging)

Hello all, to put this simply i am relatively new to running a server. I’m starting this server because I’m sick of being revenge killed by power hungry admins. I do not agree with admins interfering with the game play of a survival style game. So I’ll be keeping my admin actions to a minimum. I play with a small group, only one of them is a fellow admin. I trust him to follow the rules I’ve laid down for the admins and to act in my place when i am away. (work will dictate my schedule a fair amount) I will place down the rules and follow them accordingly.
Admins rules

  1. Spawning of item’s is strictly prohibited except for server wide event’s in which we will expressly not participate in or the spawning of admin related gear PURELY for the investigation of suspected rule breaking.
  2. We will not take side’s simply because one side has been more favorable to us. We will investigate any alleged offenses independently in an effort to ensure that the problem is resolved fairly. If necessary both myself and my associate will investigate both side’s and compare notes.
  3. Destruction of players property using admin spawned items is not condoned unless investigation is underway. If the individual or groups are guilty they will be treated as such. A list of potential punishment’s will be listed below.
  4. Admin spawned item’s for sponsored events. These event’s will occur occasionally (no more then once a week) and only when a minimum of 5 people are on from separate groups (Not to include the admins)Detail’s for said event will be listed below.
  5. if you ever have any questions comment’s or complaint’s feel free to ask an admin. If you have an issue and think one admin treated you unfairly then come to the other. We will work to resolve the issue or explain why said action’s were taken.

Server rules will be simple enough

  1. If you die don’t complain about it, it’s obnoxious PVP is enabled for a reason. You will make more enemies then you will get friends (Not really a rule but something that just kinda irks me d:)
  2. The use of the TP request system as an exploit in combat is prohibited If suspected you will be warned. If you are caught depending on the severity of the offense it can range from anywhere of you being killed and the item’s on your body disposed of, all the way to your home being massively raided. You will be warned if said action’s are being taken. We will only do this with proof, but at any time we can be around you invisible so just don’t do it. We are offering this Plugin as a courtesy for all you players. To be used so you don’t have to run for hours on end to find your friends or your base if you failed to place a bed. Don’t exploit it for any combat related reason.
  3. No cheating. If minor offense you will be kicked and banned for 24 hour’s, if serious it will escalate rapidly. We don’t tolerate it or appreciate it. We all want to play this game to have fun, hard to have fun when other players are cheating.
  4. Don’t ask the admins for free spawns. The only free item’s that will be offered will be apart of supply drops. The way those will work is the Admin(s) running it will disclose a location to the entire server, if enough people from separate groups arrive to participate the drop will be commenced. The only rule for it, is if you are attending the drop there is a cease fire in the area until the crates have hit the ground. As soon as the crates hit the ground the admin will notify everyone and the blood bath may commence. If anyone violates this rule, you will be killed and your loot offered to the sea. Be warned though these event’s will be at the admins discretion on when they will occur, and they will only occur if a minimum of 4-5 people are there who are apart of separate groups. It will not be a free giveaway you’ll have to fight for the crates.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the server make it better anything of the sort feel free to notify the Admins and we will discuss the suggestion. If we don’t quite like it but it might work, we’ll put it up to a vote over the period of a few day’s and see what the server has to say about it. If you like it we’ll add it in to see how it works. We will be open to try new thing’s. Just nothing stupid.

Hope you will join us to play i apologize if i am not available to assist you
My In game name is michael
The other Admin is RogueHermit.