Survivalist couple surrounded by bandits/raiders/whatever.

Alternate title: Till death do us part

Third picture in my series following a survivalist couple after the collapse of the United States. Nothing really fancy, just wanted to do a little posing as it has been a while.

C&C would be appreciated and shiz.

If the board eats the right side of it just remember to right click and view image.

Mr. offscreen makes his appearance again.

Doesn’t work cause we know they’re half a second away from being filled full of holes.

Nah it’s more of a stand off at that moment. As in the bandits being all like. “Give us your supplies or we’ll blast you”

Shoot 'em anyway

Mr. Offscreen must be a real fiend.

i like the background guy who is tweaking his nips

Violence makes him randy.

You could’ve picked a song that wasen’t utterly crap.

Pose is good, though you could’ve easily fixed the Mr. Offscreen with one extra ragdoll, another angle and tweaks on the Couples posing.

I actually took a few different angles. There are ragdolls where Mr. Offscreen is but I didn’t edit those images.