SurvivalRP. Please Leave your thoughts.

Supersmiles Zombie Survival.
I was wondering people’s Thoughts on a Survival RP Game mode. I’m not Talking about the PVP Zombie Survival were you turn into a zombie and kill humans. I’m talking about a whole new PVE zombie survival with PVP elements.

***1.Custom map for the RP.
2. Survivor Village
3. NPC’s for Quest.
4. Currency System
5. 6 Factions
6. Rank system for some factions.
7.Trade System for Trading goods for money.
8. Drop Item option for people Robbing somone.
9. Breakable Doors for people raiding.
10.Tie effect for tying peoples hands together when raiding or robbing.
11. Car Bombs ( Rare )
12. Hunger,Thirst,Health,Stamina, and experience Bar HUD.
12. And much More.

***There will be 6 factions.
Engineers- Can Build Cars,Guns,ammo,bombs,etc…
Scientist- Can make gas,Solar panels, small Windmill, poison,Turrets, health pack,etc…
Military-People who work for the rebuilding government.Have their own base and can Shoot other faction on Site in their base with a fence around it.
Scavengers/Survivors- People who are just trying to survive and can own a house in the village.
Farmers- Faction that can grow Crops and food items and sell to the Traders or Scavengers/Survivors.
Traders- Can buy any supplies/weapons/ammo and sell them to other faction for profit.

So if you would please give your thoughts ( please none rude or aggressive ) about it i would really appreciate it if i get enought good reports we will begin making it. :dance:

No, Not going to leave my thoughts.

Normally I would reply to you why this is never going to happen, but it’s Christmas and I have better things to do.

To be honest, im working on this kind of thing. :slight_smile:

All from scratch, got the core working bugless. all it needs now is expanding.

I admire your honesty.

Anyway, shit like this has been done before, and I doubt it’ll ever get off ground anyway. Come back when you’ve got some actual content to present.

I feel like all young kids have this idea at some point because I know I did when I was 12.

Me and my friends are acctually in our 20’s but ok thanks for you effort.

‘Supersmiles’, ‘for you effort’, ‘me and my friends’

Facepunch is dumb, but not that dumb. I am going to leave Planet Earth now.


You have no content to show, no code, no real clue of the actual details. Can somebody close this thread, it’s going nowhere; he probably just created this in expectation that somebody would then code for him.

Learn to read for a change.

  • Supersmiles2
    “I was wondering people’s Thoughts on a Survival RP Game mode”
    “So if you would please give your thoughts ( please none rude or aggressive ) about it i would really appreciate it if i get enought good reports we will begin making it

first and last lines in his post.

he wants to know what you guys think of his ideas, thats all.
read the bold part, no need for content BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ANYTHING TO SHOW YET!

KillerLUA, your just being a dick now.

Everything the person said above my post is 100% right and if anyone has to argue you are a retard.


Wow rude.

We think they’re stupid unless he can prove otherwise. He can’t.

Hah, you dont know if he can prove otherwise, do you know the guy? do you know what hes capable of?
I dont know him, and dont know what he can do and i support his thoughts…

Jeez, it is it that hard to not be a dick, or atleast not kills his motivation?
Damn, how i love facepunch >.>

this thread smells like ideas guy.

Why is everybody hating this guy? He’s asking if anyone would actually play the gamemode before he spends hours working to make it. It’s kind of like a ghetto Kickstarter without asking for cash.

Hello my name is gabe newell and I make video games here is a new idea i have for a video game do you like it or not??

i don’t have to prove that i am gabe newell or that i actually make videogames because you don’t know me

Because this forum is plagued by ideas guy threads. Anyone can come up with an ULTRA COOL ROLEPLAY WITH MERCENARIES AND LOTS OF QUESTS AND NPCS AND FACTIONS AND RANKINGS etc. It takes a lot of effort to actually design something like that and i doubt he’s capable of doing it if he has no lua knowledge.

If he wants our honest opinion then he’d better be ready to hear your idea is unoriginal and a million people before you have posted the same thing.

At least this guy is once again doing the smart thing.

He’s seeing if even a few people would play this before he spends hours of his FREETIME making this thing.

Plus like Thomas Edison one said that it takes many tries to get something right, and maybe he’ll get it right this time. He’s not an ideas guy, he’s a creator seeing if people would do something with his creation.

At least he’s being original and is planning to make it. Not trying to get other people to do it for him.

It’s nice you provided some clarification I suppose. I don’t like your random capitalizations but you can’t judge a post entirely on how he or she types.

-Is it necessary to have “Survivor Village” in the list of features? While it is ok to let people know that you won’t be scavenging in the forest, you could have easily placed that in the first feature.

-What do the quests do and what kind of quests would there be?

-Money is always nice.

-You could have merged the ranks and factions together as well.

-A trade system would be nice.

-Dropping items are ok as well.

-Breakable doors need more information. Can somebody punch a door down or is it done through certain items?

-Tying can be a good feature if it isn’t abused, which it likely would be under an unwatchful administration.

-I feel as though car bombs shouldn’t have a say in the feature list. It’s just another weapon.

-Is the experience for the ranking system or something totally different?

-Is the thread not worth listing the rest of the features or are you just trying to make it seem like the game-mode would have more than you are telling us? Also you put 12 twice.

It looks like you just dragged the feature list on to make it seem better than it is.

What do solar panels and windmills do? There was nothing in the feature list that would mention the need for them.
I can tell you now that the Trader faction will get screwed over easily. They have to rely on players not being greedy for themselves, which they often are.

To sum it up, the game-mode looks like it wasn’t entirely planned.

It sounds a lot like PostnukeRP as it is. No need to reinvent the wheel. Just DL the code from the svn and make whatever changes you want and use it. It’s already released with most of those features, and currently low on bugs (not bugless, but low).

Full disclosure and all, I am one of the coders for it, but I’m proud of the work we did, despite our mistakes.


EDIT: Also, feel free to leave suggestions on our forums or googlecode. We do read through 'em and implement suggestions we like from time to time.

Military “shoot on site” like thats not going to be abused.

Why not have randomly generated goals for military, build this, patrol here, kill this person. To build the military would need to buy stuff from the scavengers and protect the thing they are building (like a satillite uplink) from would be troublemakers.
More fun that “shoot on site” its shoot on sight by the way.

On the point of making jobs reliant on each other have scavengers bring “supply crates” to the trader. Trader then buys the crate and can get a randomly generated supply. Think of it as the trader building a gun or repairing something for trade.