SURVIVE AND THRIVE - Getting Started [Rust Tutorial Series]

Hey guys, i’ve made a new video series. I’ve been asked how i get geared up at the start quickly, so here’s a video of how my group and i typically do it, i show a few tricks you haven’t most likely used. If this gets a positive response i’ll do more, if not then i wont. The video isn’t too long, just a quick 5 minute video showing the basics of getting started and being able to get geared up for you and your group rather quickly and effectively. Of course this can be done by yourself as well, just a general overview of how to get started.

Any feedback is taken into consideration, anyway guys i hope you enjoy this and maybe learn a thing or two on how to start out in Rust. Thanks for your time.

(I tried to insert a video here, didn’t work. I’ll try again later on, sorry about that.)

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