Headcrabs are every where :S

  1. Title should be descriptive and boring like all the other threads in the section.
  2. Poses are very very unnatural, the old man on the right is doing some sort of contortionist act while firing the fun, the only decent pose is the guy with the rifle, the medic on the right is floating and the guys in front of the barrels are also doing some sort of River Dance while arguing with eachother about something. The skins don’t work together, I would suggest going either all rebel or all normal clothes with the hostages.
  3. The title in the bottom right corner with the crappy ps brush effect is unneeded.
  4. Try to pose someone like they would actually be in real life. If you can’t hold that position and/or float in the air like they do then it probably isn’t realistic.
  1. yeah (agred)
  2. yeah, because somethimes a bug of Centimeters that think thy are floating, i need to download no-colide world in some ocasions, like that of medic, i try to put in down but… its floating -.-
  3. i want to write survive but i think to but a little effect, the results: Failed
  4. yep

I like it, maybe more objects in the field. And posing is stiff, but I like the idea.
P.S.-The guys finger looks like a penis…

Not horrible…but you could do better

Horrible…you might be able to do better if you work on your posing skills


Mine was pretty much a correction of his but the quote fucked off, funny anyway :smiley: