This is a gamemode is now in the early stages of development and it’s going to be my first gamemode release. Survive will be based around survival and i will try to make it as realistic as possible, you will be able to survive on your own or gather a team that you will be able to do task together. You will spawn with nothing and you will have to search the world for items to help you survive such as food, weapons, resources and vehicles. There will be zombies that will spawn around the map to give the players more of a challenge but i will make sure that there is a limit so that you don’t end up with a million zombies crowding the streets and making it impossible for new players and get any where. This gamemode will hopefully be using as much custom content as possible to make it unique to all the other zombie survival gamemode in the garry’s mod community at this moment. I have not decided if this will be released to the public yet or not but once i complete this gamemode i will be moving onto more advanced projects that will be more based around life simulators for thoses of you who are into that sort of stuff. I will post recent updates to update the community of any news on the development process. If i do make this public i will be making it simple and quick to config the gamemode to many different maps so you can get it configured to your server.

XP System
Health System
Basing options

If you have any questions about this gamemode of would like to talk about anything about it just post a message down below.


If I am not mistaken, this thread is for releases. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

I accidentally chosen the wrong icon, every time i try to change it don’t work sorry for the inconvenience i’ll try get it fixed asap.(This is my first post)

No problem bud. Just letting you know - I am new-ish here as well. Long-time lurker.

then you shouldn’t be posting here yet

I have now started i justed posted this before so i could post updates as i add new features.

If you have nothing to release yet, don’t post here.

Not to sound rude or disheartening, but if this is your first time programming a gamemode in Gmod then you’re going to want to start of with something simpler, especially if this is also your first time attempting to code in lua.

let him start where he wants haha lua is easy anyway