SurviveWith.US Gaming Community! (Recruiting)

**Hello all SurviveWith.US or SWU is a survival gaming community for all survival games like Rust and (all those others im sure everyone heard about but not to sure if i can say it on this forum lol) where you can meet new friends and play with other members and learn and win together or fight each other to see who is better it’s all for fun and a good time :slight_smile:
We currently have a Team speak and a Website we currently are looking for anyone and everyone all ages.
We still need some UK mods and admins and a lot of UK members.
You can find the info for the Team speak on the website join and poke me xTyranntx if you want to join have any friends? bring them too :slight_smile:
we’re looking for more people daily and after a certain amount of people join we might look into a Rust server. **

Good luck to you guys!

you too :slight_smile: