Surviving citizen is stalked by a phantom.

He better not turn around.

Good camera angle, facepose looks like if hes like…

shitting him self

I would be too.

Better Camera angle, good posing, and almost realistic facepose.


Of someone pissing them self.


“zombie goasts, leave this place!!!111!!!”

What model is that? Looks awesome.

Shadow 1 from Zeno Clash.

Really nice! I like the posing, angle and post processing! The only thing I would suggest is maybe crop off the top so you don’t have that big empty space.

But still, your stuff is looking better and better!

I see clipping on the trigger! :open_mouth:

Faceposing is a tiny bit ridiculous but the rest is good.

Statue People actually, the shadows are just the model names, even though Deadra refers to them as Shadows. Nice pose. Maybe fingerposing next time on the Statue Person.

Have you ever had feelings that someone was stalking you? :v:


I can’t believe everyone here, why are you saying this is good? The guys face is ridiculously posed, he looks like he just pushed a loaf out of his asshole, while shooting off into the air.

Brings me to another note, his finger is inside of the trigger, not on it, nor above it, IN IT?! Come on! No one noticed that?

The posing on this so called “Stalker” is poor. Is he floating or something, while contorting his body like a pigmented zombie or something?

The camera angle is awful and very generic.

Even your past stuff was better than this. Don’t get me wrong, keep trying.