Surviving in Rust become more difficult

It’s well acknowledged that you’re going to have a hard time surviving in Rust unless you have a group, but up until now it was possible. As I posted in another thread, if you keep your head down, become friends with your neighbors (unless they’re French for some reason), and practice good base design, you could make it.

Aside from the duping, n-stepping and no-clipping, the recent addition of metal items and changes in crafting have tipped the scales in favor of large groups becoming more powerful with ease. The larger groups have the firepower to get to the aircraft drops and get the gear, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but this used to be a shortcut. What was a good few hours of gathering and crafting could be collected in a single container, but now what you’re getting are items that are rarely (if ever?) dropped by zombies, and not dropped at all by regular crates. The effect has been that rather than it being a longer grind for solo players and the less powerful groups, these two categories of players don’t get the items at all.

I would strongly suggest reverting to the balance whereby the cargo drops provide non-unique items, and increase the drop rate for the metal items and explosives blueprint so that regular players have a chance.

Lag will always be the major threat… If you don’t lag then the rest is the fun survival. The lag survival is torture ( I don’t have a key cause I’m on holiday but my mates in Australia keep bitching about the lag to me)…

Tbh honost I play on a PVE realm. What makes me sick is the amount of C4 that is around. Other then that indeed surival is getting harder. I have a hard time making friends with the french :wink:

Playing with groups and having raids is cool, but I (as a lot of peeps) prefer to play alone.
And I do agree that we should have a bit more fairness (eventhough its SURVIVAL) we should have some chances to resist.
I am not even mentioning the fact that (since work and only have time to play at weeks), I need to constantly re-construct and re-stuff…
Otherwise the game is (even in the alpha state) close to perfect exactly what I want but would like to see more equity if possible.


Explosives should be made easier to get so that solo players have a chance to blast their way out when a big group decides to grief them and block them in their house, which happens often.

The game already lacks balance, and its just going to keep going out of balance they way this is set up. Probably to the point where new players wont be able to get into the game due to over powered groups controlling everything, and wooden houses being too easy for groups to raid. and being able to lose your stuff when your logged out? I don’t even play anymore because its a waste of time to gather resources, only to find them looted when I log on the next day. I really wish there would have been some way to play before paying because this is not what I had in mind when I got this game. I thought it was survival, not an open world DM. I also think its sad that survival to most people seems to mean kill your neighbor even though you don’t even need his stuff cause you have more than enough. I’ll be keeping an eye to see if gameplay becomes more fair, but until then I’m done with this game.

Sorry to hear about your unhappy experience on play rust…(( I’m more than confident that this great game can only get better not worse…))

I believe the explosives and metal buildings should be made rare and made hard to get, for the individual and as well as the clans. The last thing i want is every one running around with charges blowing S@#! up… (excuse the french)

I feel that rust needs to add more realistic elements for the game to be able to really flourish…
**Make weapons much more rarer harder to make…
Stop spam healing within combat fights…
I hate to say this but Maybe the devs should have a look at the combat mechanic’s of dayz what makes that game so popular? **(Just learn and adapt :D)

Just my 2 cents :wink:

i think the problem atm is its more a FPS then a survival game, cause once u got everything and a nice base, what else can u do as a grp other then kill everything that moves. i do hope this will change with time, but will just have to wait and see.

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Problem with that is again if your playing solo, it will get realy hard to get a weapon, where a grp just work together and make 1 weap then 2, and the more weap they get the harder it will be for the solo guy to move around w/o getting shoot

Yeah, i understand where you are coming from… But i guess, when a clan all work together it makes any game more easier…

Me as a solo player (most of the time) could make my own building 2-3 story with ease, create my own guns and weapons, armor no problem…

But i find it difficult to fight off 5 people in full Kevlar who all heal really quick and don’t die with ease…

However back in Dayz i loved sniping groups out, and playing 1vs3 all the time, most the time i would win… via using the terrain around me and out smarting the players one by one.

It only took 1 bullet to the head to put a player down, or shoot out a players knee caps wait for his clan members to aid him and take them out :smiley:

As where rust feels like more of a halo/juggernaut vs juggernaut scenario… not much realism imo.

They really need a way to protect your stuff while you’re off line, and a bigger map, maybe disperse resources so that theres higher end stuff inmore dangerous parts of the map so thats where the veteran players will have to go if they want to improve their equipment, and make it very far away from areas where new players will spawn in to avoid new players running into high powered groups. There will always be asshole spawn killers though. Also they need to do something about being able to build around someones house, effectively trapping them in their house when they spawn in next. Its hilarious that you can do that, but also ruins the game for the poor sap on the recieving end. I see small groups dominating the game, and if you’re in those groups you’ll have fun, but if you’re trying to play this game solo you’re in for crappy experience

well thats not smart because then the groups can raid solo’s even more :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it makes perfect sense. Right now only the groups have the c4. Make the explosive bp drop more often and everyone can have c4. Raiding? What’s raiding? Unless you got a wood door solo players can’t raid you…

It took me a week and a half to figure out that playing solo isn’t a good thing. Around the time that I quit for a bit started looking for a clan and don’t regret it been having a blast playing with my new clan

I think it would be good to make explosives with a chance attached, when you craft these kinds of items you need better materials to increase the chance of crafting it, so when it either fails or succeeds on craft or when planted it may not go off etc. Somehow they need to make them a nightmare for clans to get hold of, they should be near impossible to make.

Since this post they’ve made metal drops far more frequent from zombies - it’s no longer necessary to get them exclusively from the air drops, and it has made quite the difference.