Surviving Rad Town

How do you survive in rad town? I take anti radiation pills before I go in and die each time :frowning:

Rad pills reduces the current level of poisoning by 50, so you should take them while you’re leaving.

2 pills after you’re out, full rad gear and 1 pill/some food/kits etc OR build a little home just at the edge of the rad range put sleeping bags and just run in die, respawn and repeat.

is it 40 or 50 rad heals per rad pill? I thought I saw 40 when I used one.

also, do you still get to 100 Rads with Rad suite?

Yea … Rad suite only delays the poisoning ( less fast then unprotected ).

Noone mentioned it yet so I will, but washing off in water reduces your rads level pretty fast. So scope out some water before you go in and run there when you exit. You can usually get through with one medkit this way. Place a campfire next to the water before you go in if it’s cold.

Edit: Also yes, you will still get to 100 rads with a suit but it will happen much slower than if you don’t have one. 2 Rad pills AFTER you leave the rad zone (and therefore won’t get irradiated), a quick swim after, some medkits, or some combo thereof and you should be able to sorta safely go to radtown.

I am trying to figure out how to make a suite

you need to find it. i managed to find blueprints for the boots and glove. on previous server i had the whole suit except the helmet. im not even sure the hazmat helmet blueprint exist.

Yes BPs for the whole suit exist, but I have only been able to obtain all of them once in the last month or so. Always at least one of them seems really rare, but seems to change server to server. Might just be imagining this.

This seems to be quite a popular option. On busier servers, there are tons of little armoured shacks close to rad towns for this very purpose.