Surviving RUST - Day one ( Possible Rust playthrough series for beginers )

Hy guys, just wanted to show you my new video i made with Rust.
Love the game, been here from the begining so i decided to give this a shot and recorded myself playing and surviving in harsh environment of Rust

I would realy want your support and your suggestions so i could possibly make it better and more fun for everyone

Day 1 - Gathering suplies, finding a place to build a shelter and building a shelter

This video will hopefully show you how to start playing Rust, luckily no one killed me this time…

Video is long so i sped gathering parts up…
I hope to make shorter but more interesting videos in the future :slight_smile:

Grab a beer (or beverage of your choice) and sit back, relax and enjoy this video, and remember, if you liked it please rate, subscribe, share and all that good stuff that could help me make better videos and give me inspiration to do more of them :wink:

I think this is a great idea, and speeding up the tree-punching is a good move. I think this would be greatly improved with naration and maybe some text overlay. For example, narate the start of the video with something like “you begin Rust naked with only a rock and a torch. If you want shelter, you need to gather wood and build it.” You can then overlay text on the tree-punching scenes, maybe something like “a starter base has a foundation, three walls, a ceiling, a doorway, and a door. Total wood needed: 1500.” I made up that last number, but you can put in actual useful facts.

That is an awesome idea, but my english speaking skills are not that good so i need alot of practice before speaking, but i will try your other suggestions :slight_smile: thanx

I added some textual commentary to my videos to make it more interesting :slight_smile:
Hope you like it

Day 3 - Had to kill a guy

Day 4 getting killed and raided