Survivor explores an empty metropolis.

Worked on it a good 2 hours, and I’m quite happy about the image. The god damn truck however is a fat ass, and is hiding a lot of small details. ~30 minutes of work destroyed. :frown:

C&C, please.

I like it! You could have done something to break up the repetitiveness of the texture on the building to the right building though.

2 dead ragdolls looked weird especially the one one the taxi,shouldn’t there be light coming out of the hummer and making the survivor’s shadow point differently or bigger something like that dunno.

Woah, didn’t notice the lights. Thanks!

Looks awesome except for the badly posed corpses

Didn’t even notice the corpses! ^^

An easy way to fix that is to burn a little shadow under them and people will be none the wiser!

I read it as “Survivor Explores An Empty MetroPolice”

Lol but good work has a art for no reason

Posing is a wee bit stiff and the camera angle isn’t very exciting. The scene is rather nice though.

Thanks a lot, guys. Friendlies to you all. :3: