Survivor from the Zombie Apocalypse - Hiding

:siren: ** Read if you’re bored\interested ** :siren:

A man, who never had any family, trying to survive in a small and abandoned port.
He escaped from the city of the dead, and held him self in an underground port.
And with a large amount of luck, it had furniture, food, weapons and a fucking axe from nowhere. :woop:
he didn’t want to wounder out side, since there’s no telling if there are zombies out there, and he doesn’t want to attract attention.

He sometimes leaves his safe barricaded room to get supplies etc.

/edn. :lol:

A little dark. Played with ingame edits.

More dark.


 and finally FOR THE LULS

C & C

– Please don’t mind the fucked up shadows.


Find the axe to get a free horse.

I don’t see anything wrong with them, but the pics aren’t that interesting…


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