Survivor Hides From Zombies In Mall While Armed With A Baretta

Sorry for the graphics. I took one with them down a bit, but, as usual, garrysmod has to freak out whenever you just did something you like and you want to keep it. Wellp, heres the one photo.

C&C PLease. There aren’t barley any people watching this thread :frown:

It’s too Dark and the picture could do with some AA.
Also the zombies would smell him. Pretty bad hiding place.

Well then what I tried didn’t work. I tried to make them look confused, as in… “He’s in here…somewhere”

Also, I know it could do with some AA. Wish I could, but whenever I change graphics, it goes all “hl2.exe has encountered an error” on meh.

Turn up your graphics.

Depends on the zombies. L4D zombies are just very angry, bleeding people.

Who dont have much intelligence.

You didnt capture that sense of them at all.