Survivor sandwiched between infected in corridor (First Skin pose and edit)

This is just a little test shot for the Left 4 Dead Machinima Comic I’m working on. I’m just starting to get down the basics for Paint.Net and CS4 Photoshop editing software. Here in this shot, one of the main characters is trapped between a incoming horde of infected as he races to the elevator which goes to the roof where the civilians are being evacuated. Our poor hapless survivor is on his last buckshot rounds as he tries all his might to reach towards safety.

Will he live? Will he die? Will he ever find true love? Will he get to masturbate tonight? (Shit, you decide his fate, after all this is shot a test shot to see suggestions and tutorials from you guys. I probably won’t use this in the comic).

Criticism is welcomed only if helpful. Please don’t flame.

It’s not loading for me.


The quality looks really bad.

Up your graphics, but the posing is not bad for a first.

neither as he is just goanna go to Nando’s

A… machinima comic? That’s like saying “I’m gonna make a movie book!”