Survivors about to be eaten alive by some evil creatures

BONUS (gm_bigcity):

More dods pics nao.


I demand it.

The carnage

it is awesome

Holy. This is bloody good work.

I came here hoping for KF but expecting L4D

But my hopes came true :buddy:

Fucking clots.

Looks awesome.

Damn, this is is good.

Talk about Zombies.

Nice to see you doing something with a little more scale.


That is really good, the faceposing fits great.
The tracer, DOF and motionblur is awesome.

And did I mention :iia:

Thank you. I added a bonus.

The 2nd pictures ist just awesome

I think I like the bonus better, but both pics are excellent.

Fucking AWESOME.

The bonus is superb. The lighting on the trees is very realistic.

How long did it take for you to edit it, nice on both of them. :slight_smile:

Also, can we have the originals?

How did they manage to be killed by only clots? Awesomely done! Super! Yeah! Woo! You rule! (No Sarcasm intended)


Bonus is much better than the original too, I love how you made it like a news report.

News Reoport FTW!