Survivors clearing out a fallen checkpoint.

No magical editing cause I can’t edit (no I’m not gonna start doing it) and I didn’t feel like waiting another 2 weeks to post my picture :downs:

I like the scene build.

I gotta admit I laughed.

im impressed with the setting and angle, posing is good on the right side, but on the left with that rebel with the gun he seems to be posed awkwardly

also my little nitpicky suggestion for scenebuilds, use color tool to lower the brightness on those large wall-like barricade blocks, as well as on the ceda trailer

That was me messing around with bloom, but I get your point. Also the guy on the left is actually supporting his rifle on the car, but it’s kind of hard to see cause I just noticed the car looks pretty fucking huge compared to him.


Floating teddy bear

sick. <3


What map is this? Good posing seems like something you’d see in a zombie thriller.

Did a Tank take a shit in that toilet? Blood everywhere.

Witch’s time of the month?

The lower third of the picture is completely unnecessary
Also, try to add more details and less blood, that makes the picture far more realistic

If I took away the lower third of the picture it would cut out some of the parts I want shown. Yes it is empty as fuck. Putting props there would also block the view of the parts I want shown.

When I think of zombies, I think chaos, fear and blood. So on my part I do not regret the over use of blood.

Use smaller blood decals, or adjust the .vmt files yourself. It looks odd when there’s massive droplets.

Also this pose could really use some more small bits and decals of trash strewn about, and some more interesting lighting/post processing

Use some lamps to get rid of the boring Source lighting.