Survivors From City 17 Under Fire

Felt like posing something with the combine again for quite a while really

Large image as always:

I bloody well hate source’s square grass!?
C&C and all that lot.

Faceposing and posing are both excellent.

What’s with the weird pattern on the ground? Speaking of ground, there is a lot of wasted space.

Seems like you installed photoshop again :smug:
Awesome picture I really like it. Especially those colors. Have some wood.

The weird pattern? Which the lines running down the centre? the’re train tracks


Why thank you kind sir!

What map is that? Is it from Episode 2? If so, which one?

Also, at the picture; It’s great, I love the DoF for some reason.

Its the Episode 2 map where you first see an advisor, and the fast zombie dives onto your car

Oh, okay, thank you my good idiot.

oi oi, watch it, there’s one less I in my name

I lold

Hahah :v: doesn’t take much does it

Nah im an easy loler

My only problem is that there is too much unused space. Everything else is good.

Lol at bill, posing and editing is great.