Survivors going into a metro station

I hope the posing is better than last time…
Also,what do you think of the lighting?

Very nice, I don’t really like Ellis’ pose that much, but over all briliant!

Ellis looks fucking funny.

You should have made Ellis cleaving Ro’s head in two, which is what it would be had Ellis been standing a few steps back.

This reminds me of Outbreak’s Underbelly mission.

Fucking gay mission.

anyone noticed the facepunch emblem on the right side?

well done

Has a really cold atmosphere, cudos on achieving that. Not sure if anyone else gets that. But I certaintly did.

Posing is pretty bad tho, but nice angle and atmosphere.

That hunter is giving me the creeps.
Nice picture.

Correction. that hunter is sexy and awesome.
Wait :wtc: did i just say.
Well its awesome.

Pretty nice job. Like the atmosphere.

Nice FP logo

Posing is great like always, but Nicks foot is floating and Ellis isn’t gripping the axe

Too much blurry