Survivors include a question

I don’t know,maybe someone has asked this question. Rust will be transport, moped, car, ATV?


you need to clarify this post if you want an answer to…whatever it is… you just asked;)

Will rust include vehicles that can transport, like a moped, car, or ATV?

For now, not that I know of. Maybe eventually, a rusty bicycle. I believe older versions had a prefab unity car the admins could drop into the game, but that’s it. Anyone else know any different?

I think having cars would be lame but fun at the same time. Bikes are lame. In experimental boats would be sweet. Like row boats or some shit. But I don’t care what they do.

I don’t think vehicles would be lame if added if ever. Cause it would probably cost a lot, you couldn’t just randomly go to farming with a car and get back home with a car every day. I mean fuel is a hard thing to achieve, oil wont come out of every random hole you dig in your garden. If they add cars I hope they make fuel very expensive and valuable, you’d probably use cars only on raids to transport the loot.

This is my very first legit non-trollic post in this forum btw.

See? Isn’t hard go to the good side, isn’t it? :smiley:

I don’t mean that vehicles must be in our time, modern. style rust. gasoline should be very valuable for transport

in that case, “late”:wink:

yeah i think vehicles could work, although i couldn’t justify commercial cars; they would have to be cobbled buggies/trucks that move like a 3 year old designed the steering column. and fuel would have to be reasonably costly(ie low grade fuel refined into high grade fuel, and consumed quickly). parts would need to be very expensive to replace, if replaceable at all. and the vehicle would need to be noisy and smoke like a furnace.

i’m of 2 minds about bicycles. as long as the risks for using a crappy, handmade bike in the hills/desert/ocean/in front of a naked with a rifle were applied i can see it working. reasonable risk to fall off when going over terrain, or struck. higher stamina cost for greater speed. no protection from anything.