Survivors Leaving Their Homes And Entering A Strange Compound

“Who would’ve ever thought that the zombie apocalypse would REALLY happen? Who knew about the new troubles that ensued? When the first zombies fell victim to the virus thirty-seven hours ago, we expected everything to get fixed. We expected the problem to go away. But they didn’t. Instead, the virus spread. Soon enough, the entire city was infected except those of us that are immune. Unfortunately most of them are dead now. The three of us that are still alive were motivated to travel to a new city. But like most great ideas, it was soon shot down as a radio broadcast told us about all cities, towns, everything being destroyed from the virus. Now we’re on our own in this horrifying, fucked up nightmare. We’re looking for any possible safe places we can find now but with the number of infected increasing, and some of them even mutating, safe isn’t such a great word to use now. But survive is the main word we’ve all used. Hopefully we’ll survive this and find more survivors. Hopefully, civilization will be restored…If only that statement could proven to actually happen.”

Nice posing.

Thank you Santz

Good but the shadows are bad.

Thanks. And those are in game so not really my fault, except for me not knowing how to do something about 'em.

Needs more contrast.

I like it.
But for some reason something tells me by her face thats she is going to rape them.

It feels too small.

Thanks again y’all.