Survivors looking for people

I noticed the clipping on Louis’s tie already…

Posing is spot on and I like the idea.

second is by far the besr, posing looks a lot more natural.

yeah, i’m with rossum. the first one has a pretty nice angle I GUESS except there needs to be something to make louis stand out more. that and with the first and last images, the posing is really really terrible. like, super bad. you have no idea how bad the posing really is until you look at it a few months from now and say “holy shit, that really was terrible.”

woah,is it really that bad?
sounds like it’s minge worthy the way you say it

like i said; look back at it a few months (or weeks, I guess) from now when its self-novelty wears off and you’ll really see how bad it is.

you want me to wait months to see how bad it is,yet you can’t tell me why they are bad?

no he’s right, i experience this every time i look at my old pictures

you’ll see it

I agree, the posing is great. Second one is my favorite.


damn, forgot to turn on my sarcasm


wow this thread got little attention, the fuck facepunch.

In the first image, shouldn’t the light be filling the entire bulb cavity instead of that single square piece?

the other light seems to be broken

In the first one, Louise is all like : ‘‘PEEEELZ HERE?!’’ lol.
In the third one, Francis is all like : ‘‘I hate stairs…’’ lol again.
Yeah I like 'em all…

This is really great. Love the lighting.