Survivors on a safe area [they think it's safe] overlooking to backyard - /Scenebuild/

It’s on gm_flatgrass_night and no edit at all.
I knew it was possible to make decent… ehm, acceptable rain in game. :keke:

Cool, except that CS:S mp5.

Rochelle might be safe from the zombies, but from the looks of things, she ain’t gonna be safe from Coach.

Cool, but as I said last time, you need to zoom in.

He needs to buy a bigger screen, yeah. Awesome as always!

You should map seriously


Oh, what the fuck, I just noticed The Hunter.

i am bursting with envy

why does faraon_ZzZ still exist, this is amazing why would someone rate this dumb

This is absolutely brilliant.

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Ignore him, he’s just mad because all he can do is bloomy and random TF2 shit.

Definitely cool, but the posing needs work.

i really love the setting
its got atmosphere, your posing has become significantly better, and the lighting is amazing

it is sex


I really like what you did there.

Everything is sex.

This may be the best scenebuild you made yet. :o It has a great atmosphere.

Look really cool dude!

So the problem is the gun came from CS:S?
Then I’m happy to inform you it’s from L4D 1 or 2. Not sure which one from since I got the two game in one addon.

Damn! I knew it’s too small for anybody to recognize it… Watch it more carefully! It’s not a gun. Look at coach’s fingers! There is no way to hold a gun like that! It’s a small turret from portal. It’s nothing more then a laser toy.

Yes you did. and I responded I won’t because it’s pointless and with scenebuilds it’s stupid too.

Oh, I have always thought he has some mental problem and he don’t know which rating is for what but I have to agree that your theory sounds more probable.

That’s good. It shows you not just look at the pic. but see it as well.

Thank you for your comments, everyone!

Isn’t creating a decent picture the point of your work? It could really be a lot better without that fish-eye. You could also improve your posing a little.

With that being said, I have to agree - the scenebuilding is really nice.

I really don’t think this (or any of my prev.) is a fish-eyed image. Look at alien vision on the AvP games. Those are the fish-eyed ones.
+Actually all my pic. is zoomed in ~10%

Anyway, exactly how much zoom do you think I should use?