Survivors stronghold (not l4d) + Military investigating

Just a bnuch of old pics i found, just want some C & C
(ignore the crappy posing on the soilder and dont bug me for using bigcity or sharpen these are some of my first poses)

Sharpen makes my eyes bleed.

We aren’t allowed to comment on any of the really bad stuff, but you still want criticism? Explain to me how that works.

You really need to work on your posing, but I kind of like it.

Never use npc’s.

Looks like it was fun to make, but it’s shitty. Posing’s bad, the sharpening is pretty horrid, and you’re using simple DoF which is mainly for gameplay.

  1. Turn graphics all the way up for screenshots because we can’t see how slow you are.
  2. Use Super DoF always it’s slow for everybody so don’t worry. Make sure you press “Render”
  3. Don’t use NPCs like what Mr. bielecki said though I don’t know if I see any.

Posing is good for a beginner.

thats not an npc the posing on the one soilders just makes him look like one ( breen is one though)
I will never use sharpen again it does make it look weird and my graphics were on high so i dotn know what you are talking about o.0

Also these are some old pictures and were before i got the faceposing down and finger posing was still pretty crappy.

Why post old shit that even you think is shit?

Also i can’t see shit, the pictures are coming up as red x’s

then why the hell did you post this?

wow this blows

why did you used the lame postprocessing “sharpen”

When people are young and naive they think Sharpen looks “kewl”, later on your life you realice sharpen makes things look like shit.

how much time does it take to know that gm_bigcity sucks for posing?

the posing on the soldiers is pretty decent

Tooked me like a week…
It helped alot to watch this section and see how people bashed GM_BigCity users.

I think i did like one or two poses using Sharpen.

But i looked back and was like what the fuck was i thinking.

Thats pretty much what i thought , but still only two of them have sharp and I wanted some opinions on my posing more then editing. Jeez you people are so hostile about editing and stuff. ( only like 3 of the pictures you can really tell are from bigcity)

We are not hostile, most of the guys are giving C&C, or rather relevant opinions.


I can count 6 pictures in which you can tell it is BigCity.

Master Piece truly.