Suspension Tutorial Mk.II

Over the past couple of months I’ve explored new suspension designs and found one to be very simple, effective, and rugged as hell.
Here’s a new tutorial. Sorry it’s not in video form.

Spindleless Single-arm independent:
As you’ll find out, you cannot use normal or wire wheels with this method unless you incorporate a spindle, which you can do, just replace the wheels from this tutorial with spindles and advanced ballsocket them to the frame/steering master with adv ballsocket settings of 0,0,0 and free movement checked.
It’s up to you to use thrusters, applyforce, whatever you want for this. This method is guaranteed to have zero dupe wheel flop given that you paste it facing north..

righto, let’s begin:

Let’s start by placing one of these phx tile blocks down with a gear axis’d to the middle of the frame. It must be facing north. North is always the top end of a spray. Weight the frame piece to 800 and the gear to 200.

Next, place some 30 diameter race wheels on the frame. Weight them to 100. With smartsnap, place them on the middle second point on the ends of the frame, so it looks like this:

Then stacker the wheels out 1 wheel and down 10 units(you don’t have to stacker them down, I wasn’t thinking right, we’ll be dropping the whole chassis to set the max suspension extension. You don’t have to drop the chassis either, just set the wheels down 20-25 units. Just remember that your wheels will expand outwards when under load).

Now attach the A arm with a rigid rope. Use smartsnap to find the center point of the wheel. It is important that you do it on the very center of the wheel, as this is where it will freely spin like a ballsocket.

Repeat for all 4 wheels:

Next we’ll limit the steering master’s turning radius. Bust out you advanced ballsocket tool and apply these settings, then click the ** steering master ( the gear)** and then the frame.

Now, apply 4 elastics with the settings of 5,000 for constant and 600 for both damping like so:

Apply steering thrusters with 1000 thrust (you can use whatever you want, if you want hydraulics, just apply them the same as the elastics.)

SAVE your current work, and then unfreeze it and shift+E the frame into position. Let the wheels hit the ground and then raise the frame up a bit to set the maximum extension. Apply some non-rigid ropes from the center of the wheel to the top of the frame between the A arm’s arms, as this will limit the maximum extension of your wheels:

Then, just as you applied the limiting ropes, apply some elastics in the same exact position for each wheel with the settings of 40,000 constant and 1,000 for both damping.

And for the final touch, with these settings, apply advanced ballsockets from your rear wheels to the frame, and then apply the same advanced ballsocket from your front wheels to the steering master.

It should now look like this:

You’re done! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Here’s the completed suspension if you are having trouble with this tutorial/want to use it/use it as reference/whatever.

i miss the days of cinderblocks

those cars were smooth as shit

how well does this work with applyAngForce? and nice tut btw.

An applyAngForce example would be a great addition to the tutorial.

This comes in handy once again.

Yet another useful suspension system. :bravo:

well coding isn’t something I can teach; I can only give the code. Then you don’t learn anything.

Works for me.

Works pretty much for me too. I need something thruster-less that doesn’t fail…


Where do you get those wheels…



They are from phx3.

They are however not in any prop list.
So you will have to go into the browse tab, locate phx3 and then go under xeon133 and then racewheel or racewheelskinny.

btw karbine learned any sweet live axel systems you could teach me

Karbine is dead

is there any reason why you need those specific wheels?

Oh karbine, isn’t this almost exactly like xroblade’s suspension…

You don’t need those wheels but they are good wheels that do not bounce around and do not sink into the ground. They also look good .

Its similar but not the same. With karbine’s suspention you spawn it pointing north, with mine you have to save on its side. And untill its is fixed people will have to cheat adv ballsocket in order to save there contraptions. Zeos will show you the true methods, but he will not exploit the game and get it to do things its not surpose to do. So the quality of his work is very high but also very complicated.

I have the racewheels on my phx spawnlist. :S

excuse me, are you saying I’m exploiting the game? You can’t be serious.