Suspension Tutorial

Uploaded to youtube with 56k modem, Total upload time 14.5 hours

So many people have tried making realistic suspensions only to have the front wheels flop around like crazy i hope this will help out.

Very nice. People already used this design before but I think you’re the first to make a video of it.
(Youtube is slow…)

Adding suspension to tank treads could be interesting.

That doesn’t work good, I tried that before.

What a maori, so budget he has 2 save constraints :-p

anyway, I like this system because you lose the 4 suspension props that you axis 2, very cool

I’m taking a break from gmod, Hope you get your internets back, then I’ll join you again

hahahaha nice
Yea i hope you get your internet back soon because Grumpys not playing because your not playing and i got no1 to play with :frowning:
Nice tut
Im digging the bg music hahahaha

Milton Men, Combine!

Hellz yeah!
This is what we wear

I’ve never seen this done before.

Interesting, there are far better ways though.

Interesting adv ballsocket settings.

What map is that?

Very simple and works well, nice job! So the car is front wheel drive only?

Its really just an idea rather then a tutorial, play around with it and see what you can come up with.

that’s awesome! spindleless design. i may have a try with this.


however, you can’t really use wheel power with this without rigging some mad gay adv socket’d wheels for power.

Tru, can xro have that file u gave me, hint hint*

get out AF wheel power lol

I think i should try this too :3


My adv.ballsocket doesn’t have wheel stablizer!
And what happen with my try!!

obviously you make it a preset