suspension tutorials?

I don’t if this the right place for this thread but is there any tutorials out there that can help me how to build suspensions?

Just to shamelessly plug my own work…

Mast, theres no need for building suspension on tanks, all you need is to make sure your base is heavy enough to accommodate the gun and everything ,then you adjust the weight of your wheels and as long as everything is ball-socketed correctly ( USE AMPLARS TANK BASICS THREAD) it should be fine. :slight_smile:

its not for a tank

i followed your instructions and my wheels turn floppy

Add a lot of weight… then take the weight down, but not too much.


Make sure your contraption is facing north, put the smile paint on the ground and its upside down.

i could try that

This is my favourite type of suspension, if you’re going offroad I would suggest this, or at least this type in the rear.

There are a shitload of types of suspension you can choose from–just the ones I’ve used at some point: Double wishbone, single wishbone, xro crawler axle, live axle ballsocket, torque tube, two link live axle, four link live axle, hotchkiss, remote axis live axle, swing arm, ballsocket/parent swing arm, trailing arm, traction beam/double I beam, hendrickson, volvo bogie beam, weight suspension, applyforce, semi leading/trailing arm…

I can’t believe that you couldn’t find a tutorial for at least one of these. Seriously. next time at least look on youtube and make the effort, please.

Which way is north?

The direction the top of your spray is pointing to, or the direction you are facing when you first spawn on a map.

Ah come on now, it even has a link to a better way to do that suspension on the video!

…not on buttes at least

Spray your spray on the ground, the top end of the spray is north.

or download a hud with a compass.

Oh God, don’t click the first video it’s horrible. That was 3 years ago.

this all depends on if whoever made the map rotated the info_player_start.

I believe the default rotation sets it to North.

I like how Hurricaaaane decided to make “North” on his depth hud compass align to the X direction and now everyone’s using it like some scientific rule on how2build.
Source has no “North” direction. Just X and Y (and Z but that’s not relevant in this case).