Suspension? Wheel troubles >(0_0)>

This below I have no problem

Wheels handle fine, so far capable at decent speeds.

Now this below on the other-hand, I have problems with. The wheels are so much more bouncy than the above at the same decent speed.

I should not have wheel bouncing troubles as the first picture above as the ropes are very accurate at the centre as I used the precision alignment tool to centre those ropes. Also the elastic is dead center on the wheel.

Ball socket is :

I suspect the problem is the ballsocket, I have to ballsocket it East/west according to my HUD rather than North/south.
Any information to help is is welcomed.

You need to use MakeSpherical or wheel2.
If you do, thats probably caused by the hydros or elastics damping and constant.

I don’t use both of them, I found MakeSpherical on, so is this tool like the parent tool as in being able to used in many servers? Dupe support?

Also what is wheel2 ? Its not on

I personally use makespherical, they’re basically the same. They turn props into spheres and make them real smooth which make them not bounce. Also yeah dupe supports it.

I want to make it clear. By dupe support I mean being able to have makespherical wheels even on a server that doesn’t have makespherical wheels addon. For example like superparent multi; on single-player, you can super parent a contraption and save it in advance dupe /2/TB and you can load it correctly in another server even if that server don’t have the superparent addon. (most servers have advance dupe)

I’m a bit confuse with Wheel2, I know you mention it but I searched wiremod forums, aswell as this forum and there is no mention of wheel2 in thread title anywhere. what is Wheels2? Where do you get it? etc.

Also how do you guys advance ballsocket your wheels? Do you face North/south or East/west?

Use MakeSpherical, not wheel2. Also when we say wheel2, it’s lua wheels. Doing a Google search with lua wheels and you should find the link for them in an FP Thread from June. They don’t work on servers without MakeSpherical or wheel2 BUT they just turn into regular propwheels that works fine too. Then when you’re on a server that has the addon, it works perfectly. Most servers use MakeSpherical so I’d advice you to use that.

Ah I see then, didn’t know most servers use MakeSpherical, I have to catch up on gmod.

Well not exactly. Most good servers does though.