Suspsicion of players duping...

While I cant prove anything atm. I did watch players blow the hell out of a huge metal skyscraper. Not that theres anything wrong with that but they blew about 4 floors Entirely up for absolutely no reason. This includes Stairwells (all metal btw and c4 only stacks to 5) walls, doorways and doors. And the building was about 7 long and 6 wide. Either way it was a lot of c4 and it was about 10 stories high and they did it all in one trip. Ill do the math later on how much c4 was probably used and post it here later.

Also , To farther my suspicion they were using non English characters making it impossible for me to report. These were English speaking players btw. All they did was go to the character map.

They are.

Just a few threads posted in the last few hours about hacks and duping.

They either need to fix it within the game code itself, so they are unable to dupe, or this game is fucked.

VAC has delayed bans yes, but whats the point when they can just have a duped account and hand over a bunch of c4 to their alts and everything they need. Or built huge structures instantly.