SUT type thing

karbine helped cuz hes an ass :))))))

video sooner or later

give me dumbs pls :))))))))))

Better have good suspension!

Front end is a little boxy, but all the detail makes up for it.

isnt it a tad to tall?

awesome job there! very detailed.

Pipework = win
From the pictures the seats look to small for it. Maybe some custom seats would work.

my name is foxton and i do not approve of the lights.


Guys we need to make a new form of vehicle; cars are getting, meh. Not that this isn’t one of the best I’ve seen.

It looks like chucked up wood :3

dohner where the hell have you been

Ah, very nice, did you end up finishing the suv version?

still workin on it if gmod wont stop crashing

College and shit has made me stop and I dont have gmod installed on my laptop and my desktop is broken lol

Never seize to amaze me woodchuck. Course you probably don’t remember who i am so nevermind.

i do



hey whoever made the suspension on that is a total fag, am i right?


looks cool, but like I said, it needs more 50 cal on the back and rust and you have nigerian guerilla vehicle. Also, why the fuck do you have inputs on the hood? Make bigger seats, then ace

karbines retarded building skillzzzzzzz

I agree.