SUV / Off-roader

This is not a release, just a show-off

Took me 13 hours to build
Contains 400 props
PhoeniX-Storms made materials for this car wich he released in a PHX3 update today
I love SUVs / Off-roaders
My nick is in the PHX changelog now :smiley: (Glt |. Lawliet)

Realistic steering
“Gears” (The sound changes pitch when reaching a certain speed several times, sounds like it gears up and down when going faster and slower)
Engine rev

No it doesn’t have good suspension because I simply suck at making that

It’s a huge picture:

it looks cool, however it’s not very realistic and too cartoony.

It doesn’t look that cartoony in-game. PHX made metallic, gloss paintjob and carbon fiber materials for me. (and he added a plastic material)
In-game you can see the metallic paintjob much better

:monocle:interior looks awsome.

No, I mean the proportions of it. It’s much too tall, not enough rake on the windshield, and overall is too short, coupled with a low ride height.


however, it’s redeemed by the cleanliness. your prop placement is impeccable.

I based it on a Kia Sportage 97 (my dad has that) so it’s not too short and tall.

oh god, that’s a terrible car to base an suv off of. Those are TERRIBLE vehicles.

I’ve driven it many times. I think it’s a good car

It is little bit too tall, but it still looks awesome.
And it looks nothing like that kia :V

The size is based on the Kia, not the rest :]

My family owned one way back; the brakes constantly failed, and so did the air conditioning.

Put the image in media tags.

Wow, as karbine said, your prop placement is amazing. everything lines up perfectly, and it looks great for being based on a Kia.

But you should base it on a pathfinder next time :cool:

You obviously haven’t driven anything else. :v



I’ve driven two Volvo’s too. Still taking drivings lessions. No I haven’t driven many types of cars yet. I’m only 18

Eh, it has decent MPG for an SUV.

This is incredibly impressive - I really like how it looks. Good job.

Looks good. I rate you paint palette.

That’s very vague, in my experience every kia I’ve ever driven feels like a heavy slow piece of shit. Even the tiny rio.

holy shit! i shat! nice as hell keep it up…make a video too? :stuck_out_tongue: