SUV - X5ish - Realistic Suspension, Realistic steering

Made this over the course of 2 2 hour games sessions. I am happy with the way it turned out, but I don’t really like the colors. Couldn’t find a good colorscheme frankly. About 14 pics in total

By the way, Saturday the 26th was my 16th birthday!

Oh btw Wheel powered only. No thrusters, applyforce, wire, none of that.

Oh, and if it ever looks a little lopsided, that is just the camera angle!

I slowed down time haha

Soo tell me what you think, rate me, generally just discuss

The wheels need to be wider.

Ye, the wheels should be put a bit wider, but it looks pretty sweet. More military-ish than civilian. I also don’t really like the front (“lights” kill it), so it would be really awesome if you just worked on that (and wheels).

Well I had the PHX wheels that are at the bottom of the “Transportation props” section, the wide raceish ones. I made the entire body around them, and then when I duped they were all saggy and fail, even when I changed the weight and everything. (And yes, I froze everything before I duped it). These were the only ones that worked, so I just went with them. They made the car look lower/wider, all around better. I’ll post a picture of them frozen so you can get an idea, but I won’t be able to get any action pics…

LOL looks like an armored VW bug, looks pretty sweet. I think the tire position is ok. Just move the fenders in so they dont stick out so far, that might help.

Sometimes you can fix the dupe rape by pasting, copying what you pasted, paste again, copy it, unfreeze, and it might be fixed. If not, paste yet again, copy, unfreeze, broken, paste, copy, unfreeze etc.

Also, wat:


Time, Mr. Freeman?

Y’know you should change yer headlights to spotlight prop…
Does look pretty cool though =D
Maybe a chrome framework on front & back, + chrome pipes running down the sides between the wheel wells w/ black platform on it as running boards (a step to get in)
Could make dual exhaust for it, possibly add an antenna. I haven’t tried this but you may be able to ball socket an upside-down harpoon to the vehicle, then have rigid ropes connecting from the tip of antenna to 3 nonlinear points on the vehicle for some wobble…


i dont know why, but for some reason i dont like this ahh i dont know

here are some thkngs though that i can tell you:

  1. having the front bumper body kit only on the front makes it look very weird to me, like a snow plow or something

  2. the wheel wells jut out so much, and that also makes it look weird to me

  3. the windshield roof - why is it so angled? it seems like if someone were to sit there they would constantly bang their head on the roof

also change the lights :V

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Also, cute buggy.


I like it though. Looks beefy. Alot like Butler.

you know what

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