150 props full interior live axel suspension powered by applytorq blablablah video

also t to vodkah for driving it for the vid

Dat’s nice! It seems a bit low thought.

…and I’m not talking about it’s roof.

That’s fucking great. Suspension is a bit stiff for me personally, and very shiny. Needs less shine. You should make another video with cool music and have it be downtown bigcity or something.

How are you doing the gearshifts?

It’s shiny as fuck because it’s on bajarama

The gearshifts…? I just used a jalopy sound
Also good idea I might make a 2nd video

Chunky :buddy:

this is true. Whoever made that map fucked up the cubemaps big time.

Anyway, I think the suv looks nice. The only thing is that anything in front of the driver just doesn’t look as good as the rear of it. The ass looks great, but the face can’t keep up. Oh and I love how the gearbox sounds like it’s made of rust and ketchup.

oh my god :buddy:

Cars are shiny.

not that shiny

unless you have a whole chromed body

Seems a bit light in its loafers… Whats the total weight?

DMC 12 + polish = MIRROR MOBILE

You make me wanna make a DMC12…

do it

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with chrome material

How heavy is it?


If you are answering questions like that: what is the weight of the wheels and main frame?
(I always get my weights wrong when building suspension)

That looks really fun to drive around regardless of the weight or any of that shit i just want to drive that thing.

All the wheels together weight 800, both axels together weight 800, steering master weights 300 (axised on front axel) and the main base weights 1200.

Total weight: 3100

damnit i was hoping the thread title stood for “sport utility vagina”

i am dissappointed