Suvivor about to shoot a close ranged infected



Not bad :smiley:
though, the camera angle could have been a bit more dynamic (tilted)
and, some super DOF :3

Hopefully the survivor will get a headshot or the zombie will just tackle him and rip him to shreds.

That zombie looks more like a badly wounded guy who is just going to attack some mafia man.

Any more like, crit

Nice picture, but it’s always zombies getting shot or shooting.

Not bad at all, really nice gun posing. Hmmm I wonder what Mr.Infected wants to place in his right hand :v:

why not

:wth: ‘‘I am zombie!’’ :golgo:’‘oh noes kill it’’

Sorry I just don’t like zombie poses that much.

Well I do…

If you dont like zombies, you just can just comment on posing/editing ya ya

Ok good posing and edit :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the contrast between the red medkit and the black suit.

Thank you.

Edited it.


but the light looks awkward

Look res, you’ve mastered posing, and you know how to make camera angles abit more exciting, now make scenes that look pretty and practice your editing!

Thanks for crit.

also Im trying to make night time effects :geno: