Suvivor Infected with a gun shoots a Human Infected (dead4left?)

Besides Generic ness… I decided to put some conflict in my pics… no more offscreen crap

Dem zombies done got smartened.

we are fucked

Actually you are. XD

Yes we are.
Nice picture mate.


your username



The blood isn’t good. At all. Posing is sweet.

You got me confused for a second.

Its the oppisite

Damn my grammer

This is getting overdone…
it’s like the third zombie shooting a gun picture i see now…
nice posing and all but common

If dem zombehs learn what a ‘Nuke’ is,
Then we can shout

‘** Were FUCKED!**’
Now is only the time to wait till their outta ammo.

You just gave me an idea

Zombies with nukes


Yes I realised that later, like 2 seconds later.

stop with thy zombie gun pictures criminal scum.
shame you waste your good posing on these models every single time

good posing… uh… I dont get that
I dunno



You are Fucked.

You could photoshop the bullets exiting through his back.