Suvivors of a plane ditching in a river stand on a wing calling for rescue

Well, I had to do this… I dont know why…

I dunno, inspired by that plane that ditched in the hudson ealier this year

Yet now a plane and a helicopter have coolided(?) over the hudson. Maybe do that?

not bad

A bit confused by the different people’s poses, though

They’re calling for help? Some look confused, and others not.

they don’t look like they got in a plane crash, ether. would be nice to have them roughed up (even blood or something)

cool though

Looks pretty cool, but if a plance ditches into a river, it’s side is not destroyed like after an explosion.

I dunno, this model was the only I can find to use, the vice city is shitty, yhough I can only this model

Pretty nice
plus needs moar winter time!

Cept there was no giant hole in the fuselage :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know

And plane there was a airbus a321 while here is some low end shitty learjet

and some…Hungarian airliner.

AirTeel? What teh feck is that? lol

Good angle, too much noise.

Why are all of them walking out like slouching zombies.

I would walk like that if I just survived a plane crash.

It looks really nice but the water could use some more work! It looks good but the reflections look messed up and you could add som ripples from the survivors.

I dunno how to do ripples and yeah, i know the water was fucked