sv.db Help! I have 2 sv.db's which need....


I’ve got 2 important “sv.db” files which I need to put together into ONE sv.db but I’m not seeing how that is possible, I’ve tried several ideas but I don’t see how I could. The 1st db has the pointshop 2 and all of it’s items saved, but the 2nd db has the flow surf gamemode which I need to have the gamemode working properly.

So my question is, how would I be able to import 2 “sv.db” files into one “sv.db” file. Hope you have a good rest of your day and Thank You for Help!

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P.s. I’m using DB browser for SQLite

You can open the sv.db files in an sqlite browser, dump the SQL into an SQL file for one of them, then import it into the other. Then you can discard the sv.db file from which you dumped the SQL.

I have always advocated that using sv.db for storing information is a bad idea and that using mysql or even flat file is better for server owners for the very reason the OP is asking about.

Some people like to dev/edit/set up there servers on their local pc before moving changes to the server.
Having to move that information from the sv.db is a pain in the ass.

It has opened them separately not all in one.

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I’ve got it working, Thank You!