Good day, I had more than two weeks, there is a problem after a while the server appeared strange file sv.db-journal, after his appearance stops remain sv.db, how to solve? I will be grateful.

Please stop writing like this. It’s killing my eyes

Have you tried deleting it? :speechless:

Yes, I tried to remove it. After starting it appears again

have you tried deleting your 2gb main sv.db file

What operating system is the server on?

Yes, at some point, he still creates sv.db-journal
UPD: 2mb file :slight_smile:


what exactly does this file do that makes you not want it?

Can we stop replying to help threads in the general discussion. Every time you reply to this you make people think it’s acceptable to post there help questions here.

I’m sorry, I do not know, I thought that should be placed here if the moderator will let him move to the desired section

As soon as he appears no longer be maintained after the restart and sv.db rolls on the last run

Solved a problem transition to MySQL, thank you!
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