sv.db logging everything

I have a strange problem with my gmod server. I’m running a darkrp server since 5 months. Everything was great but after a couple of time it seems like there is lag after a job change. I tried to find out where the problem is and I thought it’s the sv.db. So I deleted it and a new one was created. And yes… the lag was gone. I started to think about it “why is the sv.db causing lags?!” The sv.db was 800MB big. So I just opened it and I saw that every small thing was logged in the sv.db like player damage, player kills or the chat. I was wondering why, because I deactivated the darkrp logging.
I don’t know if it’s normal that everything is logged in the sv.db. If not it would be great if someone has a solution :slight_smile:

This is normal, and the solution is to get better hardware.

Why would he need to get better hardware just for this…? The solution is to delete unused and unimportant data in the database.

Because 800MB is not unheard of, and if it’s causing lag the solution is, like I said, to get a better server.

His database is filled with logs he doesn’t care about. You want him to upgrade his hardware so that his server can support the logs he doesn’t care about? As opposed to just deleting the logs he doesn’t care about???

Because that’s a temporary solution and if his server can’t handle that it’s going to have a lot of other problems too.

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