sv_allowcslua 1

So, i have sv_allowcslua 0 in my config, and startup line, however when the server opens it is always set to 1.

I’m pretty sure DarkRP is doing this, does anyone know how i can set it to 0?

Change GM.Config.disallowClientsideScripts in your DarkRP config to true

oooooh right thanks a lot :smiley:

I have never understood why DarkRP does this by default, leaves servers open to exploits.

falco wants fun

It’s not like it’s opening holes in srcds or something. Just makes it easier to run scripts.

Still allows CS hacks

-snip- it was actually sv_allowdownload

thats a problem with the addon, not the convar


if you have competently coded scripts and decent admins it doesnt really matter

It was due to sv_allowdownload being on 1, not sv_allowcslua 1 hence why I snipped.