Hello guys, for some weird reason i’m trying to block the FTPj small scripts and other things that you can run with the console. the problem is that people can still use their scripts no clue why,

on server.cfg i put this:

“sv_allowcslua” “0”

but didn’t work, any idea or there’s like an addon like a gameguard or something ?

Thanks for your time.


He forces sv_allowcslua 1 on script loading, you need to just edit it in the code. Search the codebase for “sv_allowcslua”.

I hate the way he does that, fair enough if his opinion that servers shouldn’t force lua off but to hide away the code without making it a config is a tad silly. But, he maintains the gamemode so he deserves whims I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Pantho. :slight_smile: