sv_alltalk suddenly doesn't work..

So in my TTT server, I did not add anything nor make any changes to it, a simple server restart as usually, and somehow alive people could see dead peoples messages. I tried to do sv_alltalk 0 several items. I also did set it to Team Only in ULX Menu from time to time, but it did not work.

I thought this was a simple STEAM update, so I decided to update, and still it doesn’t work. Alive people can still see dead peoples messages in the chat.

I really need help with this, and any help would be appreciated.

Well considering sv_alltalk controls voice messages and not chat messages. I think it’s reasonable to assume it’s not this.

I think it is both voice and chat messages that are being heared/seen by alive players. Though, do you know what may have caused this?

Possibly this commit

But that doesn’t effect chat messages however, have you installed any addons recently?