Sv_cheats question

Im setting up a new server and im running into bit of a snag. I want to enable the r_farz command for all users to (maybe even add a derma slider) but unfortunately this requires me to have the server open with sv_cheats 1. I took about a year or so break from garrysmod so im a bit out of the loop with the development progross. What my question is, is there any way to restrict all users to just that command? I have an anticheat (!cake) and im wondering if this is going to leave a big enough hole in my server for users to just go off and fuck up. If this will leave a hole I was wondering if there is a way to stop any un authorized commands to run.

sorry if this is a stupid question,




You can probably achieve the same by using the

GM:CalcView hook.

You forget that needs actual work to do.