sv_download URL - Help D:

Hi all. I am trying to set up a fast download url for my server. I have tried on my Webhost and Dropbox. This is my config file at the moment…

“sv_downloadurl” “
“sv_allowdownload” “1”
“sv_allowupload” “1”

What is going wrong? Nobody seems to be able to download anything of the url.

I hate to bump this but I really need help!

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"rcon_password"				""    // Remote control password (Blank to Disable) (Recommend use strong password)
"sv_password"				"Hash"    // Server password (Blank to Disable)
"sv_region"					""   // Use for server list filtering: eastcoast: 0 - westcoast: 1 - south america: 2 - europe: 3 - asia: 4 - australia: 5 - middle east: 6 - africa: 7 - world: 255
"sv_lan"					"0"   // Lan only (1) or Public (0)
"sv_loadingurl"                        ""
"sv_downloadurl"			""
"sv_allowdownload"		"1"
"sv_allowupload"		"1"
exec "banip.cfg"
exec "banid.cfg"

My server.cfg

Well the link doesn’t work. That’s for starters. Also, I’m not sure if the Source Engine will read from secure servers (https).