Sv_download url wont work at all??

Hello agane i have this problem with my server atm where I have setup a sv_downloadurl but it will not work, here’s what I have in my server.cfg, and if this is the wrong section please inform me.

// server name
hostname “Sepiroth TTT 24/7 [FastDL] [BETA]”
net_maxfilesize 75
// Max download file size. Default is 15
// This is set to 75 because custom maps are HUGE!

sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 0

I Have tried everything I tried using a dropbox as host and everything Much obiliged if someone can inform me of my problem All I really need this for is a few models so I dont have anything in any of the folders except models materials. I also heard you need a cache file but my server file doesn’t include any cache files… I’m really lost and have looked at a ton of tut’s on google but can’t find one that will work, HAelP! Thanks very much agian! :slight_smile:

sv_allowdownload 1?

yea sv_allowdownload 1. also when i hade a server the fasdl only worked for maps. and i used steam workshop to forcedownload materials/models

Edit: if your using any thing from the steam workshop this is easyer way to do it than fastdl:

fyi, FastDL is not just making it ‘fastdl’ you have to have for example the maps on the domain you have it like for example

You need to place them in the folder ‘garrysmod’ like you would on your server files and they ‘SHOULD’ be .bz2 files so their size becomes like 4-8 times smaller, that is called FastDL.

EDIT: Also, // Max download file size. Default is 15
Set that to like 75 or 80 because some maps are bigger.


Why the actual fuck would he want to put it into a folder called garrysmod?

The server doesn’t care what are on the webserver, as long as it can find the directory tree of materials, models, maps, sound, resource and particles.

net_maxfilesize doesn’t apply to a FastDL mirror, it only applies to the server itself.

Do your research before you post.

Well I run my own servers that way and I had the exact issues and by doing what I just told him is what made it work, and when I said ‘folder called garrysmod’ I meant… make that as the directory…

EDIT: and since you think you know more shit than me, how about you tell him his exact problem instead of talking shit to me, you could of simply said ‘you could do it this this that that way.’ instead of talking shit right now.

That doesn’t matter at all, unless you configured your IIS/Apache/nginx webserver to not distribute files unless the folder is called “garrysmod”, which would be insane.
Your sv_downloadurl parameter can be “” and the server would be able to read that perfectly fine.

I probably do.

I’m not talking shit, you’re providing incorrect and misleading information to a public forum, and I oppose your statement in order to make sure no one else follows your mislead.

His exact problems might be one of the following:

  1. He doesn’t force the clients to download the files by using:


  1. His FastDL’s structure is incorrect.
  2. His FastDL were/is down.

I dont have resource adding files unless it is for specific places like pointshop or lua scripts + you did not even explain where he needs to add that line and how it works with the FastDL.

P.S Yes I have different domains where one is specifically for ‘garrysmod’ folder ONLY, loading screens and mysql db, it is called organisation.
Other domains are website/forum.

So why would it be insane in any way? I don’t cluster all the shit in one place.

Why would you want to force a client to download a lua file?
I have made about a hundred posts about how a FastDL works.

Wait what? You have like for your fastdl, and for your forum?
That’s like throwing money into the sea, as domains are around $15 / year.
Or do you mean a sub-domain? (

If you seriously force clients to download .lua files, you should put your glasses on and read through the wiki about what should be sent to the client.
(Surely that wiki is outdated, but the FastDL works exactly the same except for the cache part not existing anymore)

Force clients to download my lua files?

He is talking about models… and I am talking in general models,maps… fml… you need to read shit yourself.

and when you host servers for many different games it takes up space and bandwidth so I have 2 different domains, and $15 a year is too expensive? LOL

What does a domain name has anything to do with how many game servers you have?

Would you mind sending me the links to those domains so I can understand what the hell you are talking about because this “when you host servers for many different games it takes up space and bandwidth so I have 2 different domains” doesnt make any sense.
Why would bandwidth or space control how many website domains you need.
Either you don’t know what the fuck a domain name is, or you’re so stupid that you purchase a domain name for each server this “reloadedgamin” has.

If you mean a sub-domain for each server, e.g: **gmod1.**, I can understand why, but why the fuck would anyone purchase a domain name for each and every server they have?

TO BE CLEAR: <- THIS is NOT a domain name. This is a directory on the webserver. <- THIS is a SUB-DOMAIN <- THIS is a domain name.