sv_downloadserver question

-snip again-
Is there a way to add lots of files to resource.lua?

A better question to ask is is there a way to use a resources.lua with a sv_download server. PS I am the Op’s friend and we have been having some trouble. we have cache crap uploaded correctly (i think anyway) we have all the models and materials in models and materials folders on the webhost. We have tried chanign the filesize thingy and we have tried mostly everything. An idea that I had was bziping everything beacause ive heard of that fixing issues and crap. Uhm I noticed that on the ftp there is a folder called htdons that the garrysmod folder is in and crap but when you navigate to the htdocs folder it doesnot exist. Should st or what? I cant acces htdocs using my web browser but i can using my ftp client.It is an HTML download it isnt a ftp based downlaod you just use ftp to upload. If you have any questions ask me or the op and if you can fix this it will be greatly appreciated.

GTFO^^^^ Not OP’s friend